About Me

Hello and welcome. I’m Jose Alcaraz, a video editor and technician based in Barcelona, Spain.

In this website you will find some video productions that I’ve worked on. Mostly as video editor, video producer, camera operator and / or post production.

Video Marketing training in Gandia
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You can contact: hi(at)jose.pro and follow me on twitter: @josealca

I studied the Telecommunications grade, specialized in audio and video in Universitat Politècnica de Valencia back in 2005.

I worked for a local TV station for 5 years and for the audiovisual production company Visualem until 2014.

I’ve been working in a multinational environment on the audiovisual department at the HP Graphics Experience Center in Sant Cugat, Barcelona since then.

My role here is audiovisual specialist. I do video editing and technical consultancy.

Here it is my resume: (pdf)


I’ve worked in different ways in some videos in these channels