Our client at that time, Toni Galo’s Restaurant, started to develop new dishes for the season mixing flavours and ways to cook from different places all over the world.

They want to show the new menu in a short video introducing a new recipe. We as Visualem produced, filmed, edited and postproduced the clip that was a success in local tourism and gastronomy circles.

My part was camera assist, video editing, color correction and grading and design, animation of the motion graphics.

Reportaje Restaurante Toni Galo La cocina del mundo

Restaurante Toni Galo en Playa de Gandía nos ofrece los platos de su nueva carta 2010-2011 “La cocina del mundo”


I was involved in the whole process making this video. Since the preproduction aligning with the company to the filming, editing and postproduction.

The stages for making this corporate video were:

  • alignment with company
  • script writing
  • graphic design
  • filming
  • voice over recording
  • video and audio editing
  • motion graphics
  • color grading
  • postproduction
  • reviewing
  • delivery

Visualem was de audiovisual production company.



Editing and postproduction for the commercial of the special recipe of “Gandia Flavoured Rice” on Toni Galo’s Restaurant in Gandia beach.

We showed in 45 seconds the ingredients, the cooking, the result and a little brief for the recipe with some motion graphic treatment, color grading and post production.

In Visualem youtube channel

Spot “Restaurante Toni Galo: Arroz con perfume de Gandía” Visualem

Realización para Restaurante Toni Galo de su plato “Arroz con perfume de Gandía” presente en su nueva carta.